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“Min Heng 69” C/W “Zhe Puyu 68985” at Zhoushan
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M.V.”Min Heng 69” departed from Fujian Province for Shanghai from the south to the north on September 27, 2014,early in the morning, stowing 228 containers and M.V.”Zhe Puyu68985” headed for Zhoushan from the east to the west. During the crossing, due to the negligence of lookout, the caption vessels collided with each other nearly at 90°right angle, which made M.V.”Min Heng 69” starboard hold water, the tilt of the vessel and containers falling into the sea. M.V.” Min Heng 69” finally sank and the total loss of this accident was about RMB 68 million. After several rounds of negotiation, the compensation once for all was RMB 24.5 million(hull insurancecompensation was RMB 17 million and P&I and pollution liability were RMB 7.5 million.)


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