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“Da Qing 74”-Oil Leakage Survey
Reasun Insurance Surveyors & Adjusters Co.Ltd.   2015-04-23 03:31:19 Author:SystemMaster Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

We received an appointment from PICC Shanghai that there was an oil leakage from M.V.”Da Qing 74”, which made nearby waters, piers and Wu Song Pao Tai Wan Wetland Forest Park largely and seriously polluted.The MSA requrested the ship owner RMB 20 million’s guarantee at first. After the positive consultation and our friendly relationship with MSA, the MSA finally agreed to 5 million’s cash guarantee and 10 million’s credit guarantee. As to high cost of cleaning the wetland park, we suggested the way of acetylene combustion in high temperature,which not only greatly reduced the cost of cleaning but also was environmentally friendly. During the course of cleaning claim indemnity, we carefully checked the claim list and found about RMB 1.2 million’s false cleaning cost. Finally, this case was settled at RMB 5.25 million. We strictly controlled the cost at reasonable range and received praises from all parties.


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