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"Zhen He" C/W "MOL Maneuver"-Oil Pollution Survey
Reasun Insurance Surveyors & Adjusters Co.Ltd.   2015-04-23 03:33:40 Author:SystemMaster Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

M.V."Zhen He" C/W M.V."MOL Maneuver" at Yantian Port on February 22, 2012, which made M.V. "Zhen He"’s cargo hold No.7 and oil tank badly damaged and many containers were also damaged. We proceeded to the survey site upon receving the appointment from Cosco Container Lines. More than ten cleaning ships were called and a lot of cleaning equipement and devices were used in this case. Two cleaning companies logded a claim which was up to RMB 20 million.After our positive communication with Pollution PreventionDepartment of Shenzhen MSA and our careful assessment and investigation to every cleaning item, as well as a dozen rounds of negotiations, the final cleaning claim amount was reduced to RMB 10 million. Meanwhile, we took the advantages of our professional knowledge and rich experience, collecting strong technical evidences, examing items one by one,communication and coordination with concerned parties, the final claim amount was reduced to RMB 63.47 million, which excluded RMB 30 million’s unreasonable claim. We were highly praised by ship owners and P&I clubs for our profession and promptness.


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