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Surveyor (Marine Survey)
Position Description:
1. P&I entry, H&M entry survey
2. On/ off hire bunker & condition survey
3. Steel cargo/ general cargo preloading survey
4. Hull & Machinery damages survey
5. Containers damage survey
6. Cargo damage & losses survey
7. Draft survey
8. Ship collision, pollution & damage survey
9. Others

Position Requirements:
1.College degree or above. Major in navigation, engineis preferred
2. Related working experience in marine insurance is preferred
3.Be good at communication and learning awareness;
4. Be good at reading and writing in English, can write English survey report independently;
5. Can work under pressure;
6. Be familiar with the shipping process, maritime law, insurance law and other relevant laws, and have some knowledge of ship and engine is preferred.

Working Place: Shanghai/ Tianjin/ Dalian/ Xiamen/ Ningbo/ Guangzhou/ Wuhan and etc.

Surveyor (Cargo Survey)
Position Description:
1. Site survey, do the work of ascertain cargo damage/loss / assessment
2. Evaluation and assessment according to the policy and relevant lawa
3. Write survey report in Chinese of English;
4. Other works arranged by Manager

Position Requirements:
1. College degree or above. Major in science and engineering, law, international trade or logisticsis preferred
2, Passed CET-4, be good at Computer operation
3, Has the sense of responsibility, strong learning ability, good language expression and communication skills;
4, Hardworking and be able to adapt to be on business trevel frequently.



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